My Christmas Wish List

As a mum, obviously all I want for Christmas is for everyone to be happy and have a wonderful day.  

I hope I get lots of kisses and cuddles and home made clay bowls.  It will truly be enough to see the look of joy on my children’s faces as the open their gifts and delight in the special treats I have spent days preparing.


However…if Santa did want to leave something small, just a thought, for me under the tree, I have put together some ideas, well you know, just suggestions, of some things that I might just LOVE to have…

Images from, of course, pinterest…

Joco Re-usable Glass Coffee Cup

LOVE this coffee cup – made out of glass, it would be a delight to sip your tea, coffee or smoothie from – also designed locally!


Beach Basket

I love these beautiful straw baskets with leather handles…so easy to source down here on the Surf Coast…


Turkish Beach Towels

Light weight, beautiful cotton Turkish towels are perfect for the beach – so versatile, can be used as a towel, sarong…or yes, even a tablecloth!

turkish towel

Whole Food Cook Books

I love lazing away in the sun thinking about food!  I collect cook books and would love some new healthy, real food inspiration…this new one by Janella Purcell would be awesome…



What Mum doesn’t love some new bling to see in the new year!  These gold hoops are beautiful…as is anything from Sanctus Stones


sanctus stones

Sanctus Stones…

I see I have been tagged by Sonia over at Natural New Age Mum to share my Christmas wish list!

Sonia, being so beautiful has wished to help others, to be healthy and for everyone to enjoy!  I’d just like to add DITTO Sonia…Now I have to tag five fabulous bloggers to share their lists too…here goes…

Nicola from The Yogic Housewife

Camilla and Louise from Best of 2 Sisters

Alisha from The Naughty Naturopath Mum and Essence Practitioner

Lou from Fridge Scrapings

Katrina from Feeding Two Growing Boys

What is on your Christmas wish list?  Do you advertise your hearts desires or just cross your fingers and hope for the best?  

Obviously, Christmas is not all about presents, but it is lovely to have something special under the tree just for you.

Happy Shopping!

Love mamacino x

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8 thoughts on “My Christmas Wish List

  1. I love your list – all of those things are things that I would use too! I asked for Jamie Oliver’s new cookbook, so fingers crossed. xx

  2. Yes please to that beach bag and that cookbook. Any cookbook! But at this stage, I’d be happy to swap all my presents for better moods and more serenity. x

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